Mac Looping Grief

Hello :wave:

I use a lot of loopers in my music, and have recently moved over to Mac.

I use Enso looper at the mo, but it’s super buggy with Renoise - it feels like every time the Renoise pattern restarts something is resetting in the vst, so the looper will stop/start at that point.

I would’ve thought it was something specific to Enso, but I’ve noticed that Valhalla Delay also kind of restarts when the Renoise pattern loops. Weird.

Both work fine with VCV rack and Ableton, but Renoise has been my go-to DAW since about 2005, and Ableton’s kind of smug and annoying.

Any ideas?


I’m still a bit cross that I can’t find a working, Mac version of Loopy Llama tbf. As that’s such a lovely little looper :heart_eyes:

In Renoise Preferences, go to the Plug/Misc section and see if “Stop playing notes on pattern sequence navigation” is enabled. If so, try disabling that setting.

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It worked! Many thanks!

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