Mac M1: Dexed 0.9.6 AU crashes when unloaded

got this error while closing Renoise, latest Dexed AU (previous Renoise works fine):


Does this always happen when closing the plugin or did this only happen once?

Please report this to the Dexed crew as well. There’s not much we can do apart forwarding this report to them as well. Even when this is a problem caused by Renoise, it’s the plugin which crashes and we can’t see why.

Thanks Taktik. the message only appeares once when saving a project with Dexed AU’s, but Renoise keeps on crashing each time reloading and closing that project. don’t have time atm but will try to build dexed from source one of these days (seems there have been some commits since latest release builds)

@taktik i managed to build Dexed from source. AU works fine now in Renoise, no crash messages. Wild guess but the included Xcode project pointed to the OSX 10.10 SDK instead of MacOS SDK ( i wrongly assumed it was already M1 native)

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