Mac OS Renoise starts playing whenver I press Option or Command

How do I stop Renoise from playing back when I press Command or Option keys?
I have looked through the “Transport” section of the key commands and only Spacebar and Shift +Spacebar are listed. I reset all key commands to defaults, the issue still persists.
Much annoy - can it be turned off?

Any ideas?
Anyone . . . Anyone?

use the option and command on the left side of the keyboard

the right side has to do with loop playback points

I am using the left . . . Didn’t think to mention it because who uses the keys to the right?

But thanks for playing anyway.

Thats strange, not how it is “stock”

Open prefs, goto “Keys” tab, search for “play”

On mine its “RControl” etc for playing things

Did you figure this out? I recently lost all my keyboard shortcut configurations and I’m experiencing this now when I’m on a Mac as well. It seems to be the default. I can’t remember how I fixed it before.

Funny how the most convenient feature can be a curse for someone.

Im on mojave, wonder if its a software update that removed ability for renoise to tell between left and right command/etc keys.

under play from…etc in the keys options, does it still say “RControl” etc? and still plays from the left control?