Mac Osx Audio In Now Possible

Hi guys,
I got Jack working with Renoise on OSX, which means Audio In for all who want it.
I made a vst plug to do this. All info about it is here.
Any takers?

Edit: link didn’t work before. whoops. details below.


Beware, it’s very temperamental and it’s in early early alpha stages, but if you follow the procedure below every time you use it (sorry, I don’t yet know how to make this simpler), then you shouldn’t (I make no guarantees) have a problem. If anyone wants the source code, just ask me. My email address is in the readme.txt file in the download.

(1)Firstly, install JackTools

(2)Then download my vst, extract and copy it to your vst plugins folder.

(3)Then set up and start the Jack server (there is extensive documentation that comes with Jack that I will not repeat here).

(4)Then boot Renoise, do whatever you do to compose music, save you work (don’t forget this), and then make an instance of the JackIn.vst plugin.

(5)Then, this is important, play a sample or something through the dsp chain you put JackIn into before you make any connections to the Jack server. Why? Because Renoise doesn’t start to call the process() method in a vst plug until some sound is played through it. The JackIn plug needs process() running before any connections are made. Otherwise, crashes may ensue.

(6)Finally, make some connections to your audio hardware/ other programs using Jack in JackPilot.

Easy, eh? Hope I didn’t scare you all off.

Now remember, this is alpha, but I’m putting it here because there have been a number of you osx using renoisers who have been pleading for audio in for some time (I know, I’m one of them). For all you windows users out there… sorry, this isn’t for you. I’m sure there are other ways.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for this software crashing your machine, uprooting your turnips, or insulting your mother. It’s free. Open source if you want it (email me, it’s pretty messy at the moment). But remember, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Have fun all,


P.S. Devs, I hope I’m not breaking any rule by posting this here. It’s for the benefit of all OSX Renoise users (I hope) and I’m not profiting in any way by it. I will take this post down if required.


that’s just what i wanted!


thanks man!

You’re welcome. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

This plug will not work with Jack 0.6. Try using Jack 0.51.
Also, I don’t think it works very well with a buffer size larger than 256. I’ll make an udate to fix this in the future.

Edit: I’m taking it down for the time being to work on the plug a little more. It seems that I inderestimated it’s temperamental behavior. If anyone else has got it to work consistently, I’d very much appreciate a description of the setup used for debugging purposes.