Mac & Pc Renoise Compatibility

:dribble: HI!

I’m thinking of getting a Mac laptop, to make it easier for me to go round to my friends house to collaborate. We both use Renoise ( :w00t: ) and at the moment are stttttrictly PC. If I saved an XRNS on the Mac would it open on the PC? Visa versa?

What would happen to the VST/i stuff… vanish, I imagine… What about if we had the same VST/i but the different OS versions?

Thanks. :)

that would be weird if it didn’t!

weird if it didn’t open or weird if it did?

Would zipfiles open any differently between Mac and PC?
They are just a binary format and they can only be interpreted one way so ofcourse does it not matter.

The only but is that the VST plugins on a PC don’t always have a Mac variant so some plugins will “lack”.