[mac] Separate Latencies For Audio Input & Output

Hello hello,

Returning to playing with the mac version after a hiatus and shifting of setup bits and bobs, I noticed the current audio device implementation offers a strange solution to a long standing problem- by using different audio input and output devices it’s possible to get high quality sampling when recording and low latency (lower quality) monitoring on my ibook.

“what’s this got to do with anything?” is probably what you’re all thinking, but let me explain- how may of you have noticed that playback performance is way better using the built-in audio device than a usb or firewire one?

Who doesn’t like the quality of the built-in audio when it comes to recording?

My solution- I have an Edirol UA-101 usb interface. In renoise I set that to be the input device. I then set the output device to built-in audio. Lastly, I plug the lineout jack from my ibook to an input in the ua-101 and monitor the whole lot through the ua-101 monitor outs. Easy low latency monitoring whilst retaining a high qual recording signal. It’s not rocket surgery, but I never thought of it before. (It was a forehead slapping moment).

Which then leads me to the feature request…

How about separate input and output buffer size controls? It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at the possibility of this programming wise, but I can’t see a reason why not. This would allow for the possibility of enough input buffer for those high-cpu moments whilst keeping everything else pretty snappy. Not a romantic idea I must admit, but it’s one of those under the hood things that overly technogeek people like me would salivate over :dribble: