Mac Short-cut Key Commands

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There are various references to an “insert” key on the mac.
Unfortunately, none such thing exists. Is there a standard replacement for this key?

If not, would there be any way to get the default key commands on the Renoise Mac install changed so that whichever quick-keys are using “insert” on windows could use a replacement key on mac?
I understand that you can change the keys yourself, but what I’m hoping is that they get permanently changed, as

  1. there are many keys to replace, not just a couple
  2. many users prefer to learn the default set of quick-keys with hopes of easy portability.
  • There’s quite a bit of frustration amongst many Win/Unix users that would like the key to be on a Mac keyboard, but alas… Not yet.

thanks for any response,

p.s. I’d be happy to help out by programming the replacements and sending the team the set.

I’ve done some checking up, and it turns out that the ‘help’ key can replace ‘insert’ instead- Although this works if you have an external (full) keyboard, laptop users are left behind on this one.

Any chance we could get the implementation changed?


Yes this sucks :( I have to re-edit my message, I’ve been totally confused. Feel like a dumbass now. LOL.

I’m used to the PC keyboard so this messes with me. The main thing is, the full Mac keyboard has the little “delete” key and the big “delete” key (aka backspace). From what I can tell, in the key assignment preferences: It can detect each as Delete and Backspace correctly, but inside the pattern editor they do the same thing, delete what’s under the cursor and advance the cursor to the next step down. BTW, what is the difference between Delete 1 and Delete 2? They seem to be the same function/behavior.

Also by default, my “help” key works as the “insert” key (it’s in the same location on the keyboard as Insert on PC keyboards). And then for the delete current row to reverse the insert, default is assigned to Left-Shift+Delete-aka-Backspace.

So I cleared the key assignment under: Pattern Editor->Insert/Delete for “2nd delete current note or effect” and “Delete current row”. and then re-assigned delete-aka-backspace to “delete current row” and the left-shift+delete-aka-backspace to “2nd delete current note or effect”.

I think that fixes it and gives back similar function to the PC. I’m not really that sophisticated on a lot of the other shortcuts. But this should be set by default I think. And it seems to nullify a lot of my other whining about the keyboard (edit edit edit argh I’m really a retard, sorry).

I found this chart in the Vmware Fusion Readme, this is how they handle the Mac -> PC keyboard conversion problems. Maybe there’s some good ideas here to ripoff?

i think it would be much easier to simply change the defaults for both platforms so that instead of ‘help’ or ‘ins’, you have something more universal like tilde (~) or something similar.


That Sir. Would really suck in my humble opinion.

The new Mac keyboard Apple just released removes the “Help” aka “Insert” key and replaces it with ‘Fn’ to access the function keys under the multi-media keys :( It includes a software update. I imagine it will be possible to remap Fn to somewhere else.

Yup ~ would suck IMO.

One more thing I found in the wiki: