Mac Users Who Want To Use Windows Vst Plug-ins

A user of my Glitch VST just tipped me off to this piece of software which is able to wrap/convert a Windows VST into a Mac VST:

There’s also a discussion thread on KVR here:

Page 3 of this thread has some additional instructions that may help people who are having issues:…sc&start=30

I don’t have a Mac myself, so I have not tested this yet, but I thought I’d pass it on anyway. I’d love to hear from any Mac users here to find out how well it works?

Looks cool, but this requires me to install MacPorts, which I am not a fan of. And I’m not going to do.

It’s like an octopus. Installing Linux, on a Unix, to run apps that could be available in BSD flavour.

Picture something called WindowsXP_Ports, and you have to install it on your Windows 7 to emulate a"Windows" application layer to run a Mac App. Also picture that it installs files in the System32 directory, or anywhere else two conflicting, yet theoretically identical, systems fighting to be one would install files. And that’s how I feel. Dirty…

I’ll look into it again if it ever comes as a self contained package.

I can definitely understand.

I’ve had various messages from my users in the past who have managed to get Glitch (and other Windows plugs) working on Mac, but every method sounded like a horrible hack-fest that simply isn’t feasible for the average person to bother with. I have to admire their perseverance, though!

Theres also SM Pro’s VFX application which can run windows vst on osx:…pplication.html…-downloads.html

I havent tried it myself yet, but it could be useful for sampling drumatic for example. Some setting up with IACDriver and Soundflower / Jack Osx.