Mac vs Linux user experience

Hi, after long time using Renoise on mac - i’ve installed it on old laptop (which even runs Manjaro slowly).
All Renoise demo projects run fine, no laggy UI, no any performance degradation…

the thing that bothers me - i cannot get same amount of fps/response on mac, no matter what i do. It’s really behaves awesome on linux… Totally different experience :slight_smile:

Mac sluggish response has been due to (for the 5 years I’ve been using Renoise) the video quality of the display. This is probably the wrong term. Before the last two OS X updates, I would have to go and change the color profile quality to generic RGB and in the “View Options” choose another low-res option. Then Renoise ran as fast as any other program.

My understanding of fast may be different. I know I would press a key, or play, or whatever I chose and it would be instantaneous. Arrow keys were instant response, no screens were moving slowly.

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In latest Renoise, on 120hz MBP, with Metal rendering on, it’s flawless.


I have got MacBook Pro M2 with (16GB RAM) since 2 days now.
And I have also Raspberry Pi 400 (4GB RAM) and MacBook Air 2017 (8GB RAM).

Project working on 64-bit Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi - CPU max usage*: 77% (24fps).
The same project on MacBook Air - CPU max usage*: 56% (30fps).
The same project on MacBook Pro - CPU max usage**: 35% (30-60fps).

*) with external USB Audio Inteface (so CPU usage is around 8-10% less, than without Interface).
**) without external Audio Interface (built-in audio).

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i totally forgot about this… now it makes sense :smiley: thanks for reminding me!

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I haven’t thought much about it in a long time. I think I just changed it and left it that way on my computer 4 years ago :smiley:

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