Macbook Pro M1 &. Airpods only mono crackling sound


I have the problem that only in Renoise the Sound from the Airpods (and possibly also the sound over HDMI) is only Mono and sounds like way in back and is crackling.

The Sample rate is 48000. And in OSX itsef the sound over Airpods and HDMI is nice and bassy.

But in Renoise it is terrible.

please , I need some advice =) If you need further information I am happy to provide it.

Ahh I tried something… I changed to the Macbook Speakers and schwupp the Sound was great and extremely faster and smooth… only on the airtpods and the hdmi it runs like on 8000 hz (or khz?) but I can only choose 48000 hz.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

I have found the soulution. If you have the airpods also as in device the sound is terrible. If you choose the macbook build-in micro as in device and the airpods as out device the sound is waaaayyy better.

Is this a bug?