Just buy it, for the sake of the graphical outfit and the outrageously beautiful soundtrack. While the game itself isn’t that great as a game, it’s still totally worth it. Try the demo at least. You get the whole soundtrack as a separate download if you buy the game and I must say… the soundtrack is easily one of the best ones I’ve heard, ever. Bought it today meself.


The game is made by Amanita Design, who also made Samorost and Samorost2, both very beautiful in design.

…damn this game is hard.

OST bonus EP (it’s a free download, don’t worry.)

the Samorost games are awesome so I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.

I also loved the Samorost games back then, they have a lot more flash games now…
Links here:

i finished this game a few days ago. i had a lot of fun! first time playing a point-and-click adventure game, and i’m afraid i’ve set the bar too high. the puzzles are a great challenge. my only complaint was how short the game was! i could easily enjoy this title for at least twice the length that it is. also, i can’t imagine replaying. i highly recommend this game to anyone.

Can’t say it’s too short. It’s pretty standard for adventure game. As an old adventure games fan I really loved that one. Really well thought out, nice graphics, great music, nice surreal atmosphere and storyline.

Ofcourse it could be longer, would play it thrice as long aswell.

bought it, played it, loved it!

Machinarium OST bonus EP

For those who wouldn’t buy the game, here are 5 songs that weren’t included in the original OST. Yeah, it’s a free download. Yeah, it’s totally awesome.

You can buy Machinarium for 5 USD + VAT where applicable from the developers site currently. This also includes the soundtrack. Game runs on any platform Renoise supports too, so Windows, MAC and Linux. If you’re on Windows and using some sort of cleaning tools to get rid of cookies for Macromedia Flash, be careful not to delete your savegame with these. More info here:


Actually bought this one day before the offer expired. First game I have bought in many, many years! Maybe since owning an Amiga in the 90s. Really not much into gaming these days (too bad at procrastinating as it is!) but the artwork is lovely and it is always nice to support smaller outfits, especially when the product is so good and affordable.

i got as far as trying to paint the traffic cone with the blue paint (how does the game want me to do it???) before getting frustrated and giving up. nice drawing but gameplay like that ruins it for me.

Have a closer look at the lantern, you can use a pipe to get up to the lamp which is needed for the hat.

it has a nice steam-punk atmo.

also check

beautiful thx for sharing!