Machinecode - Battlestar vs Chemeleon - Animal Innocence

I tried mixing one of my favourite neurofunk tracks with one of my own. I am not happy with the results, so I wondered what tempo / pitch shifter programs gave you guys good results? I’d be even happier if someone well versed at this stuff could try it out.

I’m shifting Animal Innocence from its original 174 bpm to 172 bpm and up a semitone (because I think Battlestar is extremely well produced as it is and timestretching / pitchshifting that will create distortion in the percussion). Unfortunately I only have the orginal (pretty awful) master of Animal Innocence, so maybe if someone wanted to try their hand and clean it up that’d be appreciated too. Here’s the current form of the end product:

I like the ambience you added to the intro. I’m missing a lot of base that is in the original.

Presuming this is the original.

Never heard of Machinecode. Thanks for introducing me.

Yep, that’s the original and MachineCode make excellent music (so do Current Value and Dean Rodell, that’s who comprise MachineCode.) Thanks for listening, exactly what I needed to hear. I altered it so the energy in the lower frequencies is a bit more balanced. Originally AI was way louder in the mix, my vocals were problematic and I solved it that way haha.

It’s still the same link so you may have to refresh / clear cache if you feel like listening again. I should have probably kept the other one online to compare (I’m at least keeping a changelog now) haha :slight_smile:

v0.5: It seems offline timestretch / pitchshifting algorithms are no match for the real time one in some DJ software, so I rerecorded Animal Innocence through that at 172bpm and shifted a semitone up and got much much better results. I’m still splicing them together in Renoise as I have access to the eq, plugins etc.

v0.6: Added a pad to the intro, modified eq, things sit a lot more nicely in the mix now.

Maybe I can have a go. I snt you a private message via soundcloud.