MacOS (Big Sur) M1 & Pi ARM: Cabinet simulator/convolver DSP broken in R3.4

both with loading old Renoise files, or inserting new instances the cabinet simulator sounds completely off in R3.4, like a heavily downsampled aliased mess. tried different sample rates. M1 macOS 11.6.4

Oops. This indeed slipped through the beta tests. It should work fine in the Intel build, but we’ll fix this for the ARM side soon.

Does the Renoise Convolver work fine for you? I currently can’t test this, but will do so later…

He Taktik thanks for your reply. just tested and convolver seems broken too, shorter impulses glitch out quite hard.

Indeed the Convolver sounds quite different on the M1 machine with the exact same settings.

Can confirm that the ARM convolver bug that was already fixed during the beta/release candidate phase happens again in the release version, using RPi. Reverb sound gets distorted no matter of the used impulse response.

Is this the 32bit armhf build or the 64bit version as well?

Nevermind. This indeed got broken for all ARM builds. A fix is on the way…


This is now fixed in Renoise 3.4.1 and Redux 1.3.1.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Thank you @taktik!


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