MacOS (Big Sur): When Output Thermal VST is bridged, its GUI doesn't show up, AU works fine

As in title, when Output Thermal is bridged, gui doesn’t show up, its white/blank

  • It was working in 3.3,
  • it is working if starting Renoise as Rosetta2 mode in 3.4
  • it is showing when using AU version

This is probably something Output should fix or at least check. Could you please report this to them as well? Without the help of the plugin developers, it’s hard for us to “see” why plugins behave/break under these circumstances. To us, plugins are black boxes that either work or they don’t.

Probably this is also just a temporary problem until a native M1 version of Thermal is released. Or is Thermal already universal?

no sadly its not universal. Im trying to get access and their plans of m1 but they dont respond. I do completly understand situation, i dont expect miracles (well this update is already AWESOME), but its worth to raport

Lol i did menage to in weird way make it work.
If you have bridged Output Thermal and it is showing blank screen - clicking Renoise’s Randomize button in bottom right corner randomize values but also in same time shows UI ;D