MacOS: Can't change "voices" parameter in Repro-5's GUI

With the new 3.4 update, when I change the “voices” input on the U-He Report-5 synth, it doesn’t update in display. E.g. you can choose from 1 to 8 voices, default is 8. If I click the 8 and select 5, the selection menu closes, but it still says 8.

This does not happen in my other DAWs (Ableton, Reason) and did not happen with Renoise until installing 3.4 today… I wonder what’s up?

I’ve always had to check “Enable keyboard” to interact with U-he menus. This is a known issue on the Mac that U-he has acknowledged. With “Enable keyboard” checked, I’m able to set the number of voices in Repro 5 in Renoise 3.4. Does that work for you?


That does fix it, thank you. I guess I had only imagined that it worked differently prior to 3.4! Strange that keyboard input is needed for these menus (since no keyboard input is used, at least on the user end!)

cheers, -M