MacOS Catalina is not compatible with 32 bits & the software development

I am detecting a certain alarmirsm in Apple users, because the new version of MacOS, Catalina, will not support 32 bits. So, many DAWs are not going to support 32 bit, probably migrating their most important software, all to 64bit.

The issue is that users have been living with 32 bits and 64 bits for many years. This is a huge problem for developers, who even have to launch 2 different software packages, with the enormous work that entails.

In addition, a 32bit operating system is limited to using only 3GB of RAM. It is reasonable to abandon 32bit software development, even if there are programs that do not need 64bit to function properly.

I understand that in Renoise this is also a drag. I think it is better to dedicate yourself fully to 64bit. If it is possible to continue supporting 32bit add-ons, ok. But it is very preferable to waste time in development in 64bit.

I think this situation is the direct fault of the developers, who are still developing in 32bit, and can do so in 64bit. Now many people are going to protest, but we will have to move forward in some way so that the entire time of software development is concentrated in a single package for each operating system. There are many fewer problems, and more advantages also for security and stability.

I believe that we are all going to lose many plugins along the way, which are made only in 32bit, but we will have to settle for that and move forward. In fact, Renoise 3.2.0 has graphic problems using 32bit add-ons. And you must support this 32bit software. Do you see the extra work that all this implies? If Renoise only supported 64bit, everything would work better and there would be more time to improve the 64bit package.

What bothers you personally about this whole matter?



Apple is kinda shaking up the audio industry atm. Looks like all DAW makers, pugin makers, etc have to make changes just to run on Catalina.

It’s almost like what happened when Apple ditched Power PC back in the day.

Folks have three options.

  1. Don’t update, say on Mojave permanently
  2. Stay on Mojave, but wait for the developers of the tools you love to catch up. Switch when given the green light
  3. Upgrade and just use what works.

As for Renoise? Man I don’t know. Logical choice is to update that may cause huge changes to the codebase and maybe that isn’t in the roadmap yet.

My laptop will stay on Mojave at this time in writing until I am 100% migrated over to Windows 10. When that happens, then I’ll upgrade. I’ll just use whatever DAW will support Catalina in the future.

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or switch to Windows or Linux hahah

option 4


I have alarmism about the notarisation in macos 10.15. It will make a lot of plugins unusable. Under Windows, you still can load plugins from 2002. I hate Apple.

Commonly I do not use 32 bit Plugins anymore, since I had like 6 years time to update my plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed. Not sure how this is all going to work, but I believe the notarization will be checked only during a binary install. If we download just a vst or au plugin directly and put it in the audio plugins folders in the Library, I would assume that this would bypass the notarization process, but I could be wrong.

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