MacOS Jack Transport Sync Option missing :(

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I’m on MacOS, have just successfully set up 20 JACK channels to be shared with Bitwig, but it turns out that the SYNC button in the Renoise preferences is missing which would allow Jack Transport to start Renoise (it’s there in Linux).
In Bitwig the button is there too and it starts when i press play in the Jack Transport window.

Could you please add that button devs? Is it a big thing? Or can I change it in a settings file in MacOS?

EDIT: There is this option in the config.xml file


But changing it to true doesn’t stick and it would have to stick on reboot to work I guess.

Jack on OSX is not a “real” Jack client. It just adds the jack routing functionality of Jack on top of Core Audio, so there also is no Jack Transport functionality that could be enabled.

It’s true, but It’s there in Bitwig and it’s working Eduard.
Bitwig starts when I push play in Jack Transport and it also starts Jack when pushing play in Bitwig.
So the functionality is definitely there.

Here’s a screenshot of the Bitwig driver settings

Oh, I missed that. Seems they do support running Jack natively now on OSX too. We’d need to add support for that then first to get this working.

That would be really helpful!! :smiley: Right now I’m using Midi Clock sent by Bitwig to Renoise to start it and I thought I had it relatively stable, but the latency seems to vary quite a bit from time to time.
Having JACK working you can sync everything perfectly and completely hassle free, because one program can start the other too and you can totally neglect that Jack Transport window after you started Jack this way, put each DAW on a screen and start jamming.

I hope you guys find some time to implement that feature soon.