(MacOS) Low UI refresh rate with certain color profiles for the display set in the OS

So, after months of hoping for better performance on my Mac, thanks to Neuro… No Neuro I found out what caused my issue:

Having set my Mac display to the “iMac” color profile in the OS settings, I have a terrible refresh rate of Renoise’s UI. To the point, where I deem it unusable. Approximately 20 fps.

Solution: Setting the display color profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Thing is, if Renoise can be “fixed” to work well with any color profile, I could keep using the one I work with for editing photos, without having to switch every time.

Renoise version 3.3.1
System: Intel based iMac 2017, 27" model
MacOS 11.1 Big Sur

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If you experience a “laggy” UI / low framerate for all the meters and analyzers in renoise, try setting all your screens to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile.

You can find this under System Preferences - Displays - Color.

Big thanks to Neuro… No Neuro for making me aware of that!


I wonder if there’s a ‘quick switch’ sort of button for the toolbar in Mac OS X, something to go straight to the monitor/preference options. Coulda sworn there was something that’d do that. I found a ton of things that’d allow the end-user to switch monitor resolutions and I believe presets when I searched “resolution changer”. It’s still a mouse-click or two, but faster than loading up the System Preferences every time.

To the admin: The “solution” is just a workaround, I created this topic to make the dev/s aware of an existing problem between Renoise and the color management of MacOS. :wink:
Would be nice, if Renoise worked well with any color profile.

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