Macos On Pcs And Other Antics

Has anyone had any experience with MacOS (OSx86 as they call it) running on a PC? And running a tracking program?

I recently discovered

I currently use a PowerMac G4, but I really do not have the funds to upgrade to a G5 come new computer time. I could build a PC with parts off for half the price.

I just can’t stand Windows.

other boards got closed or sued by apple because of such discussions. i kindly ask not to discuss any details about such howtos here.

Damnit damnit damnit madnit!

(fists slam on podium!)

i really want to discuss this!, what if we speak in code?

this is the type of stuff thats going to make me boycott Apple!
when i boycott, I BOYCOTT! xD

i’m sorry Pulsar, this was on my mind too.

so since we havent actually talked about “IT”, no worries right?

How about we discuss the opposite then? More specifically: Microsoft demos Vista on a MacBook Pro

At a presentation of the oft-delayed Windows Vista and Office 2007 for a group of bloggers at Microsoft HQ in Diegem, Belgium, Microsoft actully loaded Windows Vista on a piece of Mac hardware and presented with it


That’s pretty pathetic…
Apple has no real hardware market anymore anyway, if a user decides to buy their platform, give them the choice of buying the hardware… Even Microsoft is not that greedy on that part. (They only ask a price worth half a pc if not a complete pc for their platform, but that’s a different story)

Speaking of Microsoft development…
Here’s another cool development they have PhotoSynth:

exactly. The small amount left of the hardware market share they try to protect using tpm chips, custom firmware and software which requires those. Thesituation before x86 did not require such steps since it was a completly different platform / hardware.

Anyway, from the Apple point of view, getting rid of such protection mechanism and making it public can’t do any good in such a situation. As long Apple does sell hardware and software glued together they will do everything whats in and beyond their power to prevent a resolvent beeing made available to the public.

Pathetic? I Don’t know, i am not a market analyst. Meanwhile it might not be the core business but they do still earn bucks with that.

Dont get me wrong, i hate censorship. On the other hand i have just seen boards getting sued because they discussed concrete steps how to disable the restrictions of OS X. I just dont want to see similar things happening over here. Thats all.