[macos] .rns File Extension


I guess you guys are aware that both Reason and Renoise use the same extension for song files.
So in this case all my Renoise files get the Reason icon.(I own both programs, this is a non issue unless you have both apps).

The whole ‘dos/windoze three letter extions hell’ is too oldschool.
So the Mac version of renoise could use .renoise as filetype to avoid confusion.

And well, today there’s no way to doubleclick on a renoise song and start the program and open the song.

And basic File->Open/Save whatever menus are things that most Mac users are going to look for.
(Just something to think about before going public with mac version of the program).

In windoze you can also set an extension .Renoise, but the shortfile equivalent will always be .REN.
In XP the fileype is being mentioned as “RENOISE file”…
funny, knowing that it’s sfn extension is REN.

please keep the extensions the same for both windows and osx versions.
its great that the mods are cross compatable.