macOS: Scripting Terminal & Editor... in Tools menu cannot be bound to a shortcut on macOS and then actually start

So here’s my situation.
I’ve added the “Scripting Terminal & Editor…” as a shortcut inside macOS. The shortcut displays correctly in the Renoise Tools menu. It is CMD-ALT-S.

But pressing CMD-ALT-S does not open the Scripting Terminal & Editor window.
Näyttökuva 2022-6-19 kello 23.59.22

There’s also no shortcut inside Renoise itself to launch the Scripting Terminal & Editor.

Is this a known bug? Will this be fixed at some point in time? Is there a way to use the Renoise API to launch the Scripting Terminal & Editor, so I could create a Renoise native tool that opens it?

It is extremely tedious to not even have this type of functionality when tooling around with a script with Renoise.