Macro Device

I had a boring moment at work and came to think about this Macro device.

Many of us are familiar with Ableton Live. I’m not sure about the name of this “device”, but it can map a control to another control - just for the reason to get a better view (problably more reason, but I’m not very experienced with Live).

I know this is kind of possible in the mixer-view where one can choose which controllers should be visible.

My suggestion is to have a macro-device that can be inserted in your dsp-chain which will map those important controls of your chain. Say that u have some filters, compressors and delay but that you only want people to change some filter-cutoff and the the delay time of the delay. I think it would be great then if those controls could be mapped to the macro-device.

It would be possible to build new DSPs from only Native Effects and then only show the most important controls in the macro-device. I think this could bring some interesting view for people on how to use dsp-chains made by others and also to get a better overview.

This could also ease the pain of those who have too long DSP chains and want to automatewith pattern commands.


for me this could be best way to dsp templates

i would love a macro-device :w00t: