Macro modulation indicator missing on VST after reload


would be very helpful, if within an instruments, a slider/parameter had an indicator, if it was automated by a macro control. Just like in normal automation.

I mean, there are already indicators, but those don’t seem to have any functionality with an instrument.

If you assign a macro to a modulation/DSP parameter - voilá, the macro indicator lights up.

So, you just described exactly how it works. Or did you mean something different?

Well, here, for example I connected a macro to a slider of ambience reverb AU, and nothing lights up. Even not on macro move. I mean such wave symbol, so you get a clue if a slider is connected to a macro.

I mean the indicator right to the controlled slider in ambience.

Hm, I have no idea about the ambience VST, but we are talking about the Renoise UI, right? Plugins also make use of that when their UI is not shown.

I made a quick GIF to illustrate what I call “macro automation indicators”:


Yes, this seems to be a bug: Using an VST or AU effect in expanded/parameter inline view mode and connecting to a macro, next time the song is reloaded, it looses the indicators here.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a VST or AU effect inside a Renoise instrument

  2. Expand the VST for seeing the inline parameters, connect a parameter to a macro. you see an indicator.

  3. Save the song and reload it. Indicator on the VST/AU is now not displayed anymore, but macro connection works.

Confirmed - happens on Windows too :slight_smile:

Please move to bugs section. Thx.