Made in ten minutes

Here’s a song I made in ten minutes:

It’s not great, but it was a fun thing to do. Add your own ten-minute experiments to this topic if you like.


  1. You are allowed to open all the programs you need; Renoise, Audacity, Youtube, Spotify, whatever.
  2. The clock starts. Record a snippet of music. I chose Kool and the Gang for my track.
  3. Do whatever you want with your snippet. Add instruments and plugins to your heart’s content, if you think you’ve time for it.
  4. When the clock reaches ten minutes you HAVE to stop working on the track.
  5. Don’t cheat!
  6. Render and post.

Nice house track. Would be worth it to work on it in detail.

Got an instant Fake Blood flashback when observing the song style…
Needs some more dressing though, but the base is set :)

Yeah, I think this is one I’ll keep working on. Actually, I have started doing that already, but I think I’ll revert to the starting point (i.e. the track posted above) and go at it again, 'cause I’m not happy with the direction it took.

You should try doing this. It’s a fun exercise and a good way to get inspiration!

I made some changes to the basic chord progression before moving on with the rest of the song. Not yet mixed and mastered.

This proves how great working fast is. It’s something I keep trying to get better at (and most of the times fail). Great tune. Also enjoying the updated version.

Gotta try this 10 min challenge. If only the weather wouldn’t be so damn hot!

You should! The nice thing aboout this challenge is that it only takes 10 minutes, maybe 15-20 with the preparation and rendering. Ain’t nobody ain’t got time for that!