Madonna - Like A Prayer (House Remix)

Evening all,
I’ve knocked up a house remix of a track from a little known artist named ‘Madonna’. In the unlikely event that you have heard of her, it’s one of her less well known tracks named ‘Like A Prayer’. :crazy_face:


Very nice man congrats.I really like Madonna’s Frozen maybe do a remix on that track also.

Thanks Stoixman, very much appreciated.
Yea great vocals on frozen, nice shout.
I’ll give it a go, thanks.

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This ‘Madonna’ can sing. She could really go places!

Cool stuff but with usually with house tracks you don’t wait over a minute for the drums to kick in! :slight_smile:

Yep she definitely has potential :rofl:

Thanks for feedback. Funny, my Mrs said the same thing about the drums… your not secretly my Mrs are you? :laughing:
We’ll just call this version the long edit :wink: