Madtracker : seriously, in July 2020?... yes I know

Hi there (sorry for my english)

I know, I’m still using Madtracker and it’s outdated but I love it and know it by heart.
Anyway, I’m planning to finally experiment some new DAWs but, before doing so, I’d like to finish some projects with Madtracker and export as WAV to figure on an album.
However, here is my question and I hope some Renoise users were previous Madtracker users : what about the “sound quality” of the WAV I’ll export ? in Madtracker I can export in 24bit / 44khz… even if Madtracker is oooold (my version is the last from 2006…) do you think the WAV will be from a “lesser quality” than one I would export from a modern DAW with the same settings (24bits/44khz)? Because I’m using modern and recent VST (Madtracker can run them) so even if Madtracker have far less options than modern DAW, the final sounding should however be the same if I use the same VST with the same wav export settings, right?

On a side note, I don’t know why but when I export my wav in 24bits, the volume is lower than my project in Madtracker… when I export in 16bits, the volume is the same… Any idea how I could export with the same volume ??

Thanks in advance and sorry for this weird topic in July 2020 haha


Quality depends on several factors. Sample interpolation is a critical point, when you compare Renoise with Madtracker. But at the end, its more important that your song does sound the same like when you just play it in Madtracker. I export my songs in Renoise with the default settings: 16bit, 44khz. Sure, i can get “higher” quality, when i would use 192khz with 32bit, but there is a chance, that the song will sound different. Something i dont want. And 192khz is not my audio settings for producing in Renoise.

I dont know why madtracker does lower the volume, when you set a higher bitrate. Maybe a bug?

I was able to convert all my MadTracker songs to Renoise years ago when I first started Renoise. It’s a little funky, but it should work:

  1. Download OpenMPT (for Windows):
  2. Open your MadTracker file in OpenMPT
  3. Export as .XM
  4. Import the .XM file into Renoise

It should work pretty well, especially if you didn’t use too many VSTs back in the day and just used track effects.

Good luck!


Thanks guys!

MadTracker was cool, I came to Renoise from it. I definitely prefer Renoise

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