Ok Iam new to tracking, only been useing renoise for 1 mounth, I love it for making beats but when it comes to makingen melody an so its just to much work. So I read that Madtracker had rewire but before I start looking at that I´d like to know if the sound quality of madtracker is as good as renoise, and what you think the main diffrences are between renoise and madtracker.


damm, it looks like madtracker is only for pc and I´m about going mac-book…

and the look of it is not as nice as renoise, and no assining midi controller, maybe Ill just have to learn to write melodies in renoise…

It’ll be worth it, trust me. Renoise is supah powerful.

It is.
But to give you an answer from a former MT2-user:

Qualitywise (only considering bits & bytes) both trackers are equal.
Both to have 32bit sampling and all that nice interpolations.

Madtracker seemed to me to use less CPU than Renoise and it has a better backwards-compatibility (to play mods, xms, s3ms…). Renoise has even slight problems with its own songs from versions earlier than 1.5 . But this happened only once and it’s really not that serious. Oldschool formats are still a discussion though.
The native FX in MT2 are nice, but not as good as the ones in Renoise. This is my personal point of view.
For example, check looza’s boombox to get an impression of the powerful filter (and looza’s skills of course). :)
Madtrackers parametric EQ is nice but I prefer to have a 10-Band and a 5-Band EQ so I can control those bands more accurate.
Furthermore Madtracker doesn’t have a native compressor. For me a compressor is a basic effect like delay or cutOff which has to be implemented in a tracker. I don’t care if someone says “you can use a vst”. Not even if it comes with the installation package.

For making melodies and harmonies I prefer Renoise. I’d like to know which aspects make you prefer Madtracker. Maybe I’m missing some info.
But what I do know:

MT doesn’t offer tracks per track. Renoise does and that’s great for chords and even for drums.
If you want to chain effects in MT, you have to lead a track into the other. The more effects you use, the more tracks you have to chain. In Renoise you can simply load 10 effects for one track. If you want those FX to be available for many tracks, you can place them in a SendTrack.

That makes Renoise shine with its GUI compared to MT. I don’t dislike the Windows-GUI of Madtracker though. But the concept is simply less user friendly than the one of Renoise because of the facts mentioned above.

You can have up to ten effect columns in Renoise. For things like ```
C-4 01 – -- 010F 0910 0047

In MadTracker you are limited. All in all, Renoise has the features of MadTracker and even newer usefull features.  
But this shall not look like a Madtracker-hate. I liked Madtracker at its time. I even still like it though I don't use it for now. It was [i]the[/i] solution for an old FT2-user who needed Filters, NNAs, many desired features and a familiar user interface. Around 1999 there was no Renoise which could help me out. And when Argugu's NoiseTracker came out, my PC was simply too slow for it. As said, mt2 is powerful and cpu-friendly at the same time. But the PCs today are fast enough, Renoise devs are trying to reduce CPU-usage (wait for the new version with improved GUI) and Renoise simply is more powerful regarding the FX. So after all Renoise "sounds" better with the same sound quality.

I’m a former MadTracker-Tracker.
Believe me, Renoise is much much MUCH better.

Personally I don’t understand how someone would prefer MadTrackers interface instead of Renoise’s.

Plus, our forum is alot better to look at.

But, when everything is said and done, it all depends on your personal taste, I guess.

Madtracker, maybe doesn’t look as slick, or isn’t as feature loaded as renoise but still kicks major hiney, if you ask me :) I switch beween renoise & madtracker whenever I’m bored with one of 'em.

who as said that’s not much work at all!? (that’s not a software thing) ;) :rolleyes:

I have registered both softwares.
When renoise came out it kicked madtrackers ass for quite a long time. Madtracker user didn’t even know about vsti´s untill a year or two ago. When Renoise had that years ahead.

Madtracker has caught up and even in some areas gone past Renoise (Rewire, has recording in sample editor, which Renoise will now get.) but overall I do prefere Renoise.

The main reasons are the the better arranger the better pattern editor and the gui.

Madtracker was the right product when I was fed up with FT2 years ago. However, it still was missing alot of things.

After I switched to renoise up to today I never had the feeling that I was limited by the software itself, only by my own creativity (and CPU-Power :) ) Ofcourse there are some things that don’t work yet, but there are always some easy workarounds for those things (energyXT comes in very handy for example).

I didn’t take another look at madtracker after I switched to renoise and I simply don’t know why I should. For me (me, you hear) renoise is really perfect.

thanx …I think Ill stay with Renoise then and hope for rewire ind the near future…

renoise and rewire?! not intrested…

but in case … from propellerheads page:

"I’m a software developer - can I include ReWire in my programs?

Yes, ReWire is a free piece of technology. Propellerhead Software will issue licenses to companies in the audio or music industry interested in creating commercial ReWire applications, free of charge. Find out more here … "

I think the stumbling block is that renoise isn’t a company.

I’m yet to see a rewire working with stability and no lag, by the way.


So, is Renoise on the way to becoming such a company? What does it take for it to become one?

If not maybe we can apply some pressure to Propellerheads, they might change their terms. <_< :ph34r:

This usually means you get a tax-number and a trade registration if the government keeps these registrations.