Maekae - Swans

New track ready…

Emotional as always, this time with much more groove. Something you could listen to while lying on sofa or something you could dance to. You decide…

Title: Maekae - Swans (Original Mix)
Lenght: 8:45
Style: Progressive Trance
Quality: 192kbps

Download (YouSendIt)

niiiiiiice !, it’s been playing for almost 30 minutes now… guess i like it a lot :)

personally i would change the piano because i just don’t like piano’s in this kind of scapes, perhaps it needs a huge breakdown, that shiver moment… build the rush etc. but lovely as it is.


kuuunt dload it.

any proper place where to save as…

yep, just cant ,ima sorry…my roomie is sumkind ov linux junkie and he is controllin thii connection, behind routers hubs and stuff. mayby thats the problem, dunno BUT still cant just frikin dload it…thats sad

Can’t download it eh ? Link and download still works for me ;)

Link has expired…

Can you reupload it on or

Ah - listening to it on virb.

1st of all: Really clean sound. Good kickdrums and nice delays. I love the pianosounds.

The melody is really well done and the whole structure works really good. The mastering is 99,9% perfect (the snaredrum sounds a bit strange but this could be the virb-player)

In fact: One of my new favourites.

Too lazy to update the link anymore, all those who wanna take a listen - surf to my virb-page :)

Thanks for your nice words. I could have worked much more with this track, add some more supporting melodies and perhaps make the main melody stronger. But i like to keep everything simple and clean.

Virb-player plays the music in lower quality so that might explain a lot ;) … Thanks again!