Maeki - Silence Sleeps With Me

Hi peeps.

I’ve been hardcore Renoise user for 4 years, i have 4 world-wide released tunes. Recently i’ve started to feel like i want to make music for everyone, for free. I love music and i don’t care about money.

So here is first track; deep house, atmospheric and moody piece. Made this in 3 hours, repetitive i know, it’s supposed to be.

Hope you like it!

Download [SendSpace]

Download [Speedy Share]

DH lover here.

Like your bassline, and melodi notes. And the Background
Main Pad Sample is actually one of my favorites. :)

not bad at all, but it misses vocals.
Try talking to Sagosen about getting Henriette to
sing something on it. :)

Yeah i know, vox would rock so much :D

I’m going to improve this a bit, some of the sounds and effects needs polishing. Thanks for yer comments :)

Sounds great, very professional. Such a nice relaxing chillout theme… makes me smile. I’m not so sure about that vocal-stuff. Well, maybe something really really quiet and beautiful could work. But nevertheless, you earned a place on my playlist :)