MAGGGi (OneKnobMagic//Doofer)

(LofiMat) #1

My Girlfriend was checkin out my Doofer skillz and wanted to know what they do. She did like the Flattermann Wobbler & the Dirtydelay one but also said it was like they are way too complicated and kind of hard to figure out. So I decided to make a simple OOne Knob - Doofer for easy use and direct mangling gestures. It was the most complex Doofer for me until now - so I refused to show her the MAGiC happening inside the box :sunglasses: She already loves this:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

MAGGGi (german word for Magic or secret sauce) Yummm

Use the Magic Knob and be excited by the Love:heart_eyes:
Würzr = Wet signal // Suppr = Direct signal
Everything else is pure Magic!

ps in MAGGGi liegt die Würze.
MAGGGi.xrdp (8.2 KB)