Magic for your projects

Lol, does this stuff make you high, or at least a little giddy, or does it just make you feel warm & cozy & taste splendid? Or why do you hype it like this?

But I’m none the better. Hooked on spice tea. I get a big glee and broad grin by the taste of kardamom & cineamon. Oh yes, cineamon, cineamon and ginger. Got a gazillion of different blends. Drinking gallons every day. I just can’t afford “organic” stuff though, so my spices must’ve benn most brobably fertilized with the raw devil’s phlegm, giving that extra grimy edge to my music. Might try anorganically fertilized ultra strong cocoa at some point, a little sugar and proteins from the milk should be worth the extra kick. Maybe the hard stuff with chili & caffeine suggested in that other thread.

Very earthy video as is some of your music btw. - I like this, back to the primal, crazy stuff. That is really worth it. Stuff money can’t buy for real.

I started practising to composite videos with Blender3D again after long break. I am interested/worried about how healthy food people are eating --> because organic food / cocoa have boosted my inspiration and improvisation skills alot. Also little bit bored to life, and (kick-)started to do something.

Warm & cozy for sure because can’t smoke at the moment …

… I just can’t afford “organic” stuff …

As a tip --> what we did here because we did not like the prices of organic food: Just establish co-operative society (or what you call this in english?, it is not company but a group of people doing official work separately uder the same name, sharing billing expenses and stuff) to get ‘business identity code’ and then you can get food from warehouse store/wholesale as cheap as currently possible (here the prices are usually about a third of the prices in markets). Then just do some small scale activity to keep it going.

Also some self-sufficient farming to at least get your vegetables free.

Did not mean to be too serious, that “…raw devil’s phlegm…” is also needed sometimes :smashed: :badteethslayer: