Magnetic Editstep

If I have a row of notes like this:




…I think it would be great to have the possibility to let Renoise automatically place the editing cursor on the next note it finds in a track. This is very useful when one wants to use the MIDI keyboard for editing notes in arpeggios etc. As it is today, I have to move the cursor manually (unless the notes are regular in duration, then I can use the Editstep and hit Record).

So, in the above example, when I hit record, the edit cursor would first place itself on A-4 and overwrite that note with the one I play on the MIDI keyboard, then automatically jump down to B-4 and overwrite that note with the one I play on the MIDI keyboard, and then jump down to C-4… you get the idea.

EXCELLENT IDEA! Or why not call it snap to note?

+1, would be unbeatable when editing values.

A current semi-automatic way is the use the ‘move to next/previous row with note’ function in renoise.
I think the default keys for this is ctrl+shift+PageUp/Down.
You can change these keys in the preferences to for instance ‘a’ and ‘f’ or some other easy accessible keys.
Should work OK for what you wanna do.

+1. Makes editing very very faster.

Thanks for the tip, pysj…:slight_smile:

Yeah great idea. The edit step feature is such a cool thing now, but it hasnt changed since the start of tracking software.

An update like this would be excellent.

Best ideas are simple yet powerful. Would love to see this happening.

cool idea +1

Live quantisizing in other words?

not really… this feature would simply add edistep lines each time you enter a new note, which would be almost unusable during live sessions.

Note to self: Read the WHOLE post before commenting. :rolleyes:

Yeah, now that I get it, a way of seamlessly implementing it would be to add “note” to the editstep-numbers wouldn’t it?


Exactly. Maybe it’s just a matter of expanding the available alternatives in the Edit Step menu to also include something like “SN” (e.g. Snap to Notes) besides the regular numerical steps…

…and then connect that alternative to call the very same procedure as Renoise obviously already is calling when the user presses these keys. (Thanks Pysj for the info.)