Magowl - Page One

This is a selection of beats from the last year, year and a half, or so. Some are entries from the LouisDen beatbattles, so if you’re keeping tabs you might have heard a few. But on the other hand there are others on here that should be new to any and all.

The lot was produced by me using Renoise aided by the old Ensoinq EPS 16+, the Boss SP-303 and a healthy amount of vinyl.

You can grab it for free over at bandcamp


Well, after having a magOwl track called: “Space” stuck in my head for almost two weeks, I finally picked up this album today and I’ve gotta say it is fucking killer. Some crazy ideas flowing together smoothly in here and a really nice job on the production end of things too- damn. Sorta makes me re-think my whole approach to writing music. Seriously though, this album is just plain awesome

Thank you man, I really appreciate the kind words! But I have to say that I think you’re doing just fine writing music, you got some awesome tunes brother. :walkman:

I agree with Jules a good piece of music :)

Thanks man!


Bought a copy from BandCamp. :walkman: Perfect for loungeing in Åre this New Years.

Thank you brother :) Glad you’re enjoying it!


EDIT: hmm, awesome would fit better. absolutely my cup of tea.


Bumping this up for a second rotation ;)