Main Volume Adjusts by itself?

I am wondering if the main volume is supposed to lower by itself, especially during a next pattern(which has an additional 2 or more tracks introduced). (and, obviously more cpu usage). I have checked my automation and have also deleted automations.
This is happening with every song.

The master volume in the mixer stays the same, but the main volume slider on the top left of the renoise screen decreases.???

Also,when I slide the volume louder, it wants to fight me and decrease,like as if its automated.

I have tried keeping the song in record mode, and kept a right click on the slider during a whole song, but it still acts automated

when i play the song back, and put the volume up high, it adjusts down by itself during play???

WHOA! now to answer my own question. It is the button next to the volume slider and the meter. Clipping adjust! Thanks RENOISE!!! STAY DOPE!