Maintaining VSTs in XRNS across different OS's

I’ve got a Macbook on OSX and a desktop on Windows 7, with a load of VST plugins that run on both OS’s

But only a handful of these VSTs run cross platform in my saved Renoise projects, most force a ‘Missing Plugin’ error.

Is there any way I can get all (or at least some more) of my plugins to play nice when migrating projects between OS’s?

Is it just the file names or is there more to it?

Have a look in beginners questions and use search.

Is it just the file names or is there more to it?

When using VST plugins, Renoise will use the plugin file/bundle name. So if you have SomeKickassPlugin.dll on Windows and SomeKickassPlugin.vst on OS X, then it should work just fine on both platforms.

When using AU plugins, Renoise will use whatever ID the plugin itself reports back, which may differ from the file/bundle name. This is generally not a problem, because AU plugins are obviously not compatible with Windows anyway.

So, double check that your VST plugins are named the same on both systems, and also check that you didn’t load any AU plugins by mistake if you’ve started the project on OS X.


Sweet, thanks for the clarification dbLue.

And thanks for the link Jurek, it was quite helpful once I got through the thick bitter coating of sarcasm.

I’ve found one particular plugin which is still misbehaving and after inspecting the Song.xml it has inconsitent PluginIdentifier values, which I can manually replace a la Jureks tip.

I’ve sent a bug fix request to the VST vendor, fingers crossed they respond as the XML trick is not a sustainable workflow for me haha.

“bitter” is maybe a bit overstated, please don’t take it wrong :slight_smile: I only wanted to suggest to you that this forum is already filled with a lot of useful information for beginners and more advanced users, too. And most questions are already answered.

Personally I hate forum search functionality (in general), so I prefer to use google, which works absolutely easy and nice. Nice would be such a extension where other topics would be auto listed while filling in topic title. But I think google is much more powerful here.

haha apologies, i meant that in good humour

you’re right though. most of these common questions have already been answered, but it can be tricky to hunt them down if you don’t know the correct search string to find them with

but now we have a duplicate hopefully this topic will be a little easier for others to find in future