Make instrument phrases macro enabled?

I’m toying around with creating a new instrument in Renoise 3 (Filter Synth thingie), and I have an instrument phrase stored in it. But it also sounds good without it. It makes sense for me to use a macro controller to turn the phrase on and off, but… Yeah, can’t do that.

Unless there’s another way to do it, could you make instrument phrases macro enabled?

Check out the Song API.lua in the tool documentation for the option to turn off phrases there should be one, then it would be a relatively simple procedure.

There is such an option…[].phrase_playback_enabled

But it looks like dangayle’s purpose is realtime affection from within an effect or effect command and using that API command for this is not possible or at most not realtime…

Can’t you bind that function to a midi controller and have that midi controller triggered with the instrument midi control device?

Yes. Being able to turn on and off arpeggiated phrases within a song using automation or an effect command is exactly what I mean.

Possible, but that is worse than just creating a device for which you use a notifier to listen to its parameter changes:

I made an attempt creating a pitch device that responds to automation (it is frankly the same idea, but without the need of a route through a Midi controller).
It sort of works, but it sucks if you have a very slow PC. (scripts are running in the GUI thread and do not have real-time priority, so no matter which route you choose, it will never be 100% realtime)
You could perhaps make that device trigger the phrases API and it will work but if you really have to swap between having the phrase running on line x and stop running exactly on line x+1, this might stutter or cause other artifacts. (I have not tried it, but it is my suspicion)

Triggering something on or of has one advantage above sliding a pitch value:it happens less frequent than following a slider for a pitch shifter.