Make instrument randomize sample choice?

I haven’t dealt much with keyzones, so I better ask here before I spend too much time trying to do things the wrong way.

In Milkytracker, I used to do something silly with the instruments in chiptunes. You could create several chip waveforms in an instrument, and then ‘randomize’ them over the keyboard with just the crude act of quickly drawing the various sample numbers over the keyboard legend. The UI wouldn’t catch the mouse movement properly, effectively making the samples ‘kind of’ randomized when you played the instrument.

So, now I want to achieve something similar in Renoise. Some options:

  • I noticed samples can only be distributed as coherent ‘blobs’ in the keyzone (?), so I guess that’s not the way to do it, unless I create a massive amount of samples. I only want 4-5 samples, but pretty randomized over the keyboard. Keyzones don’t seem to be the way?

  • I could route samples to individual fx lanes. Play all at the same time, but make sure that only one lane is unmuted. This seems possible but would require waaay too much setup imo. Maybe it’s ok, but I hope there is some other way.

  • Some simpler way, that I haven’t though of? Maybe some clever way, with maYbe in phrases, that requires a little less setup than individual fx lanes?

PS. It’s ok if the sample choice is randomized all the time. Not necessarily one particular sample per pitch, as it used to be in Milkytracker.

Sounds like a job for Keyzones>Overlap>Random.


There is is! Thanks!

I thought I made a fool out of myself, and was supposed to use mute groups or sth.

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