Make it sound like it's inside your head?

I used to have a plugin for Vegas that did physically-modeled reverb. Anyway, one of the presets would make a sample sound like it was playing inside your head, kind of. Anybody know what I’m talking about, or how to recreate it in Renoise?

I don’t know which plugin you are talking about, but I guess recreating the reverb sound wouldn’t be so simple as reverb is a very tricky effect, I have lots of them and every one sounding different at same settings, all have their own color, some just sozund metallic and some really spacey. I don’t know if you want to exactly recreate the same sound your reverb created, and I’m not a reverb specialist (I usually try different reverbs till find the one with suitable character and tweak settings till it sounds good).
If you just want more “in the face” sound, I’d recommend to lower the stereo image and use very short times (try room or studio type if there is option in your current reverbs), and make it more subtle. A good reverb I’ve recently found:
Maybe try to remember the preset name or scroll through the presets on another reverb till you get some similar sound and tweak from there ;)

Also, putting it in the exact center of stereo field

Thank you both. I think maybe the sound can be created without resorting to reverb. I heard it today in the chorus effect of FAW Circle VSTi. Here is an example:

About 4s in, it reaches maximum “in my head”-ness. :)/> I think the effect is easier to hear with headphones.

So my question is: How would I achieve this effect in Renoise with a normal .aiff sample?

You can use the Stereo Expander to achieve this effect but you need a wide sound to start with. Have a look at this file where I have used a Chorus effect to widen a square wave and then the Stereo Expander modulated by an LFO to cycle it in and out of your head:

Ooh, thanks afta8. Nicely done!


You can achieve this kind of sound through binaural recording:

There are panning plugins based on hrtf, but they are like snapshots of someone elses ears/ shape of head, so it doesn’t always work.

  • you need to listen with headphones for the effect to work.

I wish I could make my music sound the way I hear it in my head… if you know what I mean.

Exactly :D
I hope TS doesn’t need reverb to make it sound like it sounds in his head :P