Make line/curve mode the default on in automation

The line/curve mode should/could be the default mode instead steps, just as in any other DAW. Since Renoise now has a powerful curve feature, I think there is no reason to still keep steps mode as default.

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Line mode already is the default mode, but it switches to steps when recording automation movements, because such movements are done in “steps”.

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Well, I had some newbie question regarding automation recording: “why it sounds so steppy?”

What about a setting? Because I would be interested in line mode also for recording, too, since this also is normal in Bitwig or Cubase, so I guess it is what a newbie would expect. I think the step mode actually is a pretty specific exceptional case.

That also confused me first when recording automations.

Make curves the default - not lines, or even better - have a global setup option per project please. It is annoying going over 20 patterns and doing it manually from the dropdown, which is a good sign that this could be optimized:)