Make Note Keyboard Keys Programmable

As seen (and better explained) here: Key Binding Question

Can we allow the midi keyboard keys to be programmable and bound to other functions? I only need one octave’s worth of keys to input, and the 2nd octave I’d prefer to have perform other more complex functions without having to perform key combos. For instance, I would like to type in notes, and then switch the octave by essentially just pressing ‘1’ or ‘2’ rather than having to do something like shift-1 or shift-2.

Normally the only way to trap these events outside of midi/note input is to create a dialog. This does not suit my purposes because dialogs will only trap these key events when it is in focus. I am hoping to trap these events while directly working in the pattern editor.

You mean computer keyboard keys.

Although this isn’t really an API request as I understand via the API you can already capture keypresses and translate them into something else, or am I mistaken? Thought it was your thread I had seen that solution mentioned but skimming though it I can’t see it there. (EG Renoise thinks the shortcut is Shift+Alt+1 to set Ocatave to 1 but you have a script running that captures the press of the 1 key and translates it to Shift+Alt+1 before sending to Renoise.) Am I incorrect this is already possible?

Although a general option in Renoise for computer keyboard:
2 Octave (current) ; 1 Octave (lower) ; No Keys
might not be a bad idea…

You can, but not without having a GUI dialog on focus.
If this function would also be supported without requiring a GUI dialog to capture these, then we have a full reconfigurable computer keyboard layout through scripting without having to pop up something first and getting it back in focus everytime we need a specific hotkey that has a different internal function.
That part actually is an API wish but i believe it is already on the API wishlist somewhere.

Ahh didn’t know that but that makes sense.

Global key capturing for API (one request,) ability to choose amount of computer keyboard in use for notes (separate request) are both things that would get my support.

Yes, a global key press event handler or observer is essentially what I would be looking for. Kudos on the API so far, though! I am a new Renoise user who is coming back to Trackers after years of absence and I am in love with its usability and hacker friendly API. I’m quickly finding lots of things I would like to enhance the app with through scripts, which is hilarious because this is distracting me from tracking! For a coder and musician, this app is brilliant.