Make one specific note trigger a certain event

Unfortunately there is no way i know of that lets you make one specific note trigger an LFO reset while it does nothing to any of the other notes, because the keytracker only lets you select a minimum of a two note range to trigger.
So i wondered if this could be possible with the formula device? I can’t see any way to make it react to one specific note, but i’m far from a programmer so i don’t really know what i’m doing with this.
Is there someone who can help me write a code for this if it’s possible and not too complicated?

Assign lfo reset to a note in a pattern editor. It is the biggest strenght of trackers imho, modulation per note ;)

I do not need this for pattern editing, it’s for doofers and instruments. If you have to do it manually in the pattern editors it takes away the whole point.

Thanks for the effort, but it does not really do what i need, because i need it to only do something if one key is pressed and not affect any other keys.

If i set the 2 note range c-4 to c#4 then c#4 will trigger the lfo and c-4 will shut it off.

If you really only require it for live purposes then just simply map the specific note to the reset with the midi mapper. However your mididevice can’t trigger the note itself anylonger.

It’s not for live purposes it’s for building a polyphonic tone generator xrni, but actually as i’m typing i’m getting an idea that might solve my problems. If it works it will make me into a genious or something and really really stupid for not thinking of it earlier…stay tuned. :rolleyes:

Well, i found a solution for this once and for all, it’s a bit of a workaround, but all you really need is two keytrackers to control a third keytracker.
Here’s what you do:
Have two keytrackers connected to a third keytracker’s active/bypass. Both set to soft.
Now let’s say you want to affect only c-4. Make the range c-0 to c-4 on the first and c-4 to b-9 on the second. now move the sliders so that the first one is min:off(far left) and max:on(as far left as possible), then on the second min:on(as far left as possible) and max:off(far left)
Now the third keytracker will only be active when C-4 is playing. The two keytrackers can of course also be assigned to turn off and on other stuff or to set a certain reset point in an LFO or similar.

Frankly, that’s genius :P

After a week of trying to build this perfect polyphonic tone generator i finally did something right, can you imagine? Now that i solved this problem i wonder if i’ll use it as intended, because this instrument is getting extremely heavy on the cpu…120 individual samples/mod.sets/fx-tracks…all fx tracks have their own dblue tuned ringmod and filter with some distortion modifications for making pretty cool brass sounds…well… :lol:
I can probably comprimise by making the higher pitches monophonic, but still it’ll be pretty heavy i guess. I could skip the filters, but that would be lame.

I’m also experimenting with a way of routing the tracks into 8 tracks with the oscillators and filters so that only 8 keys can play at one time, but now it’s bedtime a while ago.