Make The Function (Fn) Key Available?

Is it too late to make the FN-key (Function Key, on MAC keyboards) assignable for the next release candidate?
Right now, when I reassign keys in preferences, Renoise doesn’t seem to find the key at all?
It’s placed right above the DELETE-key on my keyboard, and should be a good replacement for the INSERT-key for PC versions.
As a former PC user I would find this very intuitive.

if I’m not mistaken, it’s a modifier key, like Alt. It works in combination with other keys.

Yes, this key is like Shift, Alt, CTRL, and can’t be assigned.

The FN key toggles the Function Keys. For example, when you press F3 (on a newer mac) you get Exposé. However, if your press Fn-F3 you get regular F3; in renoise this allows you to cut/copy/paste stuff.

if you install a pretty cool app, you can map Fn to insert - the key itself as a modifier-key will work normally, but renoise will be only too happy to allow Fn to be insert in the pattern editor. the (free) tool was called:

have fun!
(of course it’d be nice if renoise would allow for directly using Fn and Eject and map those to specific features, but ohwell…)

Well, I can’t use the FN button for anything. Not even in the ways I can use COMMAND, ALT, CTRL etc…

Thanks, I’ll try it out.