Make the Sample Player Monophonic

Yeah This i would love if it could be monophonic with legato and portamento function Please !!!

something like this?

He’s talking about something completely different - a way to tell a samplebased instrument to allow only one note to sound at a particular point in time. With optionally the added bonus of being able to define a portamento/glide behaviour in ms, or hz/ms, or semitones/ms, or whatever.
(I don’t know what legato means)

I hope i explain this correctly (please correct if i understood wrong)
Legato is an instant transition from one note to another without retriggering the sample
Portamento is sliding from one note to the other without retriggering the sample
Glissando is a chromatic legato. (or a portamented legato :P)

Exactly !!! If this could be implemented id be a complete human being !!!