Make Velocity Value Midi Mappable

I’m not much of a finger drummer. My timing’s alright but I’m a bit heavy handed with controllers.

I’d be very happy if we could map the default velocity num box to a knob and change velocity that way.

Obviously would be good if midi mapped controllers with velocity switched off would also use this default velocity.

I thought of this the other day as well - was thinking that it would be lovely to have the velocity mapped to a foot pedal. +1

So you’d still be using the computer keyboard to input/record the notes, but controlling the velocity of the recorded notes via the foot pedal? Sounds interesting :)

The velocity properties are actually available via scripting: [true, false] [0 - 127]

So it would be possible to add custom MIDI mappings for this.

Oh wow dblue… Now all I have to do is learn lua ;)

Many thanks dblue! I’ll have a crack at that some point

One step closer: somewhere, you have a hack-friendly document called GlobalMidiActions.lua

mr mark dollin notified me of this thread. i didn’t know the computer keyboard can be api controlled, but i will post up a new version of Paketti tonight, which will have 1) midimapping 2) keyboard shortcuts for +1/-1/+10/-10 of computer velocity. when you go below 1, it toggles computer keyjazz velocity control off. when you move the slider, it works. it’s real swell! will post url to paketti when it’s up.

p.s. sorry dblue, your “why don’t you detect all vst / au efx the user has and give a list of that instead of your own set of fave efx, which you shouldn’t make public” thing will have to wait, as multicolumn keyjazz and various other things would be real cool to push out right about now :)

Esa: awesome. :D


it’s called (keyboard shortcuts):
Computer Keyboard Velocity -1 / +1 / -10 / +10 (each press will toggle computer keyjazz mode=on, and if you go below 1 velocity, it toggles the velocity off)
Computer Keyboard Velocity Slider

map a knob to it and watch it go. enjoy!

thanks again to mmd for pointing out this function + thread.

Thanks for this!

Very handy little functions!