Makes Me Sad To See This....


Date.: 0912 2005 Supplier.: Team BEAT
Disk.: [xx/01] Cracker…: Team BEAT
Type.: VST

Glitch is a highly-adjustable, semi-automated, realtime audio
manipulation system which allows you to alter your music in a
variety of different ways ranging from quite subtle to
extremely bizarre. At its heart is a sequencer which
sychronises to the host tempo and slices the incoming audio
into user-defined patterns, applying a random selection of DSP
effects to each slice.

Just unrar B-Glitch.rar to your VST plugs dir.

i took a bunch of the ascii art away because it wasnt showing up properly.

thinking about it tho, DBlue just got really popular!

haha, oh man… you have gotta be kidding me.

I mean, I expected it to happen eventually, it’s inevitable these days. But damn… so soon?

Jeez… oh well I guess. Not a whole lot I can do about this. Hopefully I have at least priced it reasonably enough so that people will still make the decision to buy their copy if they use it a lot.

too bad there isnt an easy way to get the kind of code that produces smoke onto the beats members computers. cuz you know they probably all use windows, cept for maybe one guy that thinks he’s better then the lot. but of course its here so i’m sure they’ll read this, they probably get all their ideas from sites like this one.

Damn it! So fast ! :blink:
Can’t believe. It’s was beta yet, but already pirated…

This happens probably because you promote Glitch via KVR i suppose.

Goddammit! I haven’t even had time to look at it yet and it’s already been pirated. What’s the world coming to?

Dblue, when I’ve got my win2k box unpacked (damn I’m lazy) feedback will be a coming.


Wait, are you talking about yourself?


Hehe, neat… This is also a form of marketing, actually. Oh, and another way of marketing stuff is packaging a veery usable demo on the site, then spreading a totally messed up “pirated” version or three, with links to relevant sites. Hehe, confuse the little pirates! :P

omg choice is using WAREZ! :panic:

bad choice!

well seriously… it’s really not surprising to see dblue’s plugin already being spread as a pirated version.
is there some kind of copy protection / serial number registration anyways?
btw, dblue… is there any way for paying other than PayPal?

Yeah, I really wasn’t too surprised by it, I figured it would happen eventually. I didn’t bother with any real copy protection because I knew it would just be cracked, so I didn’t wanna waste my time trying to come up with something clever. No point in it really.

I don’t really feel very bitter about all of this. I mean obviously I’m a little angry that it happened so soon, and that a cracking group would even target such an independant piece of software in the first place, but what’s done is done. I suppose in some twisted way it’s flattering, and at the very least it will definitely help with exposure. Even if it’s hundreds of people using the cracked version, it’s hundreds of people who know about me now and will possibly be looking for things I do in the future.

I think that even when there are warez versions available, the people who genuinely like the product and use it a lot, who are serious about their music, they will probably still buy it anyway.

All I can really do is try to make the product nice, make it work well, give good support for it, etc. I will probably be adding a members-only forum to the site and other things like that to make it feel a bit more worthwhile. Maybe have some free giveaways for members-only, etc.

Anyway, right now I’m just doing things via PayPal. It’s nice and simple to use, works quickly, it’s easy for me to integrate into my server to automatically send out the download links, etc. If you’re really interested in buying a copy and you simply don’t like (or can’t use) PayPal, PM me and we’ll try to arrange something.

jesus christ, i post some info an i’m being flamed over it?

by no means at all i was flaming you.
i was just kidding, but i should’ve added some smiley or whatever to make it more obvious i guess.
sorry for an apparently bad joke.

its all good keith303, actually i did notice the jest in your post.

occasionally i look there for films an anime, sometimes they have something of worth in the audio section, most of it is just the expensive crap thats not worth using. there isnt anything for osx so its useless for software.

What makes me more sad is the fact that Renoise also got cracked. I tried to inform Renoise, but my mail never got answered.


we constantly keep track of ReNoise cracks; when it is really a cracked version, there is quite nothing one can do about it.

When it is rather a spreaded registered version, we contact the owner of the related license to discuss the problem, which normally leads to end of license for the user.

I guess your right about the fact there is nothing one can do about it, but I’m glad you guys keep track of the cracked version

BTW, it was a spreaded registered version I think, caus a name appeared when opening Renoise, when I tried to inform you guys, I also mailed this name.

I hope everybody keeps buying Renoise offcourse, it would be a shame if it was discontinued.

There may be various reasons why registered editions leak out, sometimes without knowledge of the license-holder.

But in any case:if someone get’s the chance to get your copy and spread it, you are blamable for not keeping it safe.

It is actually not enough to have virusprotection and firewall software that monitors strange applications going to contact strange addresses unannounced and antispyware applications. Ocassionally, the taskmanager has to be raised and manually you have to scan your process list for certain processes that seem odd or unknown.

Any good trojan can be programmed to scan for certain software which has no real copy protection and thus can just send the main application or license key to a webserver or irc-channel.
And they are installed through html sites or email or using platform exploits (worm infection).
These are far more dangerous than the usual worms that just try to clog up your bandwidth and spread itself without any direct purpose.

Lots of cracking and hacking groups write trojans to get such software and create the warez edition.
In these cases, the downloadable demo edition cannot be altered or reversed engineered to create a keymaker and make the license or remove the limitations as removing limitations would probably mean add the complete missing functionality.