Makin' The Switch From Modplug Tracker...

Been trying to make the switch for a while. I’ve given Renoise a shot a few times, but every time I just can’t get into it. I figure I should give it an honest shot, but there’s a couple quirky things that throw me off…

-Is there a quick method to delete all data on a line? (the note, volume, panning and delay)
-Is there a way to change the spacing when hitting Page Down from 16 to… any number? Is that hard coded in?

I’ve been looking for an alternative to Modplug tracker for a while now (i’ve been using it for 10 friggin’ years. i figured it’s time for a change). Anyway, trying to get used to new work flows has been tough as hell for me. I donno if any of you guys have gone through the same thing. I’ve tried Fruityloops and Sonar, but man does the piano roll feel slow n’ clumsy.

So yah, if you guys have any ideas/help… I think you’ve got a convert.

Alt + delete will delete the whole row, including the fx column.

You can however select only the note/volume/panning by using the mouse or press ctrl+b (and then ctrl+e if the selection is stretched). Then delete selection.

PageUp/Down is hard coded. Alternative you can set edit step (ctrl+ 1-0) and use ctrl+shift+arrow up/down to move in larger steps.
It’s not the same I know, but can be useful anyway.

You should goto Help menu in renoise and ‘List Keyboard shortcuts’. It will give you an overview of all the small and sometimes hidden functions in renoise.

I made the switch from modplug too.
And it’s difficult in the beginning because Renoise is more fasttracker kind of tracker.

My only advice is: Keep making songs in Renoise after making 4 to 5 whole songs I discovered the Renoise workflow.
And then you will see that Modplug is a very very limited program.

Good luck!