Making acid synths from scratch?

Hi. I’ve been craving a nice grizzly acid bass recently in my songs but don’t want to rely on vsts or samples. I know a few tricks to synthesize using ringmod but i haven’t been creating that signature acid sound. Any tips?


I’m searching for somebody peeling this down since a while…

anybody? Please? Or any links? Anything? ;_;

I’m currently working on a totally natrual acid sound

Haha, this inspired me to try to mash up something at least a little bit close to the classic sound. I couldn’t belive how hard it is with only renoise native stuff. it is basic, but hard to emulate somehow.

Idk I just used original 303 samples as a basis for oscillators. Found some recordings on the net that brought me usable (not too affected by the filter) saw/square wavecycles, so I could blend the sounds well. Then renoise diode filter on top of it, and lots of silly stuff regarding distortion/overdrive and the filter cutoff/resonance control and curves. So not like static pre-recorded action samples, but just the oscillators based on sample data, and filter and stuff freely controllable, and all renoise native. I’d say with ringmod you could get your saw/square basis, but it won’t have the nice 303 tint that original sampled data brings. Also I mixed in some extra noise to dirten it up a bit. Might upload a version for a laugh tomorrow. It doesn’t really sound like “acid tracks” but like something silly that wants to have an autograph of it, I just stopped listening to original tunes as reference at some frustration point…

The Diode 03 instrument in the 3.1 factory library is a very nice 303-ish bass, look in ~\Resources\Library\Instruments\Bass in install folder (Windows; don’t know where on Mac or Linux).

It will be very difficult to emulate a 303 as exact as possible, because each parameter of a real 303 or 303 VST’s is affecting each other. This means, the decay is affecting the filter cutoff and also the amp volume. The accent of a real 303 is affecting the amp, and also the filter cutoff and the env mod. The env mod is affecting the filter cutoff and also the amp decay, which is in turn affecting the amp volume & filter cutoff and so on. In a real 303 the knobs may be simple to tweak, but the internal signal flow is a very complex one. I’m a VST developer, which i do as hobby, and i know how hard it is to recreate the complete signal flow of the real one. Even when programming VST’s. And with a sampler and just stock devices it isn’t possible to recreate all of these lots of details, because the routing abillities of the envelopes etc of the sampler are too limited for such complex things. You can come a bit close, but just a bit. Exactly this special signal flow of the real 303 makes it’s unmistakable sound so special, when it comes to put distortion on it.