Making Acid !

Hi all.

I’m new here and my english is not great yet so i hope you’ll understand me.

I’ve started Renoise about two weaks ago and now i have experienced some basic features of this soft, i’d like to know the theory about making an acid sound (without using samples).

Which kind of synthesizer do you use, and which effects do you apply to the output of this synth in order to obtain a good acid line ?

I am a great fan of Aphex Twin’s, Ceephax’s or Squarepusher’s,… acid melodies and i’ve always wondered how do these guys succeed to obtain such cool acid sounds (without talking about the fact they are genius’) ?

I hope this topic isn’t too qgfhbyfbvfty-like.

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that is the magic box
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Acid is the Roland tb303. That’s all there is to it. Aphex and Squarepusher both use circuit-bent 303s to create their more messed up acid sounds. Rebirth by Propellerhead is the “best” 303 emulator in existance, though it doesn’t to circuit-bent shit… and it’s not a VST. But it’s free :D

Rebirth was good, but it’s far from the best.
Pretty much the cream of the crop imho is AudioRealism Bassline… totally wicked and it works like a dream in Renoise.

I used quotes :P

thanks for the tip im trying it now

rebirth did not work on os x although they said it does…
it was kind of twisted.

i just checked out their prices.
all of them are more expensive than renoise.
isnt that a shame…

audiorealism bassline. i’ve used it for almost 1 year now, and i love it. it sounds really authentic.

I’m partial to Phoscyon myself:

+1 Phoscyon

Thank you for your answers.

So you just need the right synth to create acid ! I thought acid was the result of many effects applied to the output of a standard synth.

Well, I’ve downloaded Rebirth and i’ll try it when a good melody will come to me ! The interface seems very different from Renoise.

The two other softs sounds very good but i can’t spend money for them right now.

Thanks again

yep gonna have to second that software plugin wise
if you want a close to 303 sound and are willing to invest in some hardware peep
just need that cart and an old commodore 64 to produce some sick emulated 303 sounds off the c64 sid chip/chips if you mod it for 2 sids
peep the demos, plus they finally have midi interface cards avail now too, but a bit pricey :walkman:

Am i the only who thinks that the distortion & drive unit in Audiorealism BassLine is a little weak?

I always feel the need to pump it up with a different plugin, to give it a dirtier sound.

But a very Renoise friendly, and a great sounding 303-simulation… and last but not least, a PRETTY plugin, I mean… LOOK AT IT!!!

yeah the built in distortion stinks but Renoise’s distortion2 helps with that ;p

Muon Tau only costs 25$ (i remember it being freeware tough). It does the job well for acid basslines. You can allways try the demo.

This is kinda true, yeah. I’m about 50/50 on it… sometimes I rely on the built-in distortion, and sometimes I destroy it with Renoise native distortion… really depends on my mood :)
But yeah, I speak with Mike, the developer of ABL, on a daily basis, and even he mentions that he’s not 100% happy with the distortion. I think he’s gonna tweak it a bit in the future, but for now ABL + Renoise is a perfect combo.

Get one of those 303 clones mentioned earlier, and automate the Cutoff and Resonance settings.

Wow, the tb 303 emulation seems to feed a great debate.

Maybe most of you already know it, but i’ve found out this thread on planet-mu’s forums, where Aphex (here named Analord), reply twice on it, talking about analog synthesis vs numeric emulation :…57#reply_166092

Personaly, i’ve tried Rebirth and i don’t find it amazing. To my ears, its acid sound seems feeble.

ABL2 sounds sexier, but it’s quite expensive…

and the tb303… one day maybe :rolleyes:

EDIT : while re-reading this topic, i saw i had forget to try Phoscyon. It looks good and it’s not much expensive.

hey… check also silverbox before buying…

it has probably the best sounding reso and cutoff of all of these and it just came out shortly.

wow, Richie Hawtin endorses this. I’m sold.