Making An Arpeggiator Within Renoise?

Is there any way I can make an apreggiator within Renoise?

I think this will help if you didnt install it.

another, much basic, approach is using the arpeggio command at extremely low BPM values.

see the demosong “The Path” for an example. Basically, a command like this:

not ins comm  
C-4 01 0035  

will play C-4 (0, fundamental), E-4 (3, 3rd) and G-4 (5, 5th) in sequence.

this won’t work with VST/AU/DSSI instruments

I’ll try it out. I’m looking for an arpeggiator that let’s me arpeggiate notes live. That tool doesn’t seem to let me do so. Should’ve noted that in my original post, though.

I’ll try this. :)

No it indeed does no live arpeggiating of the instrument.
I have a rough idea in my head how to achieve that though, but also need to add some play algorithm to calculate the correct LPB/BPM etc.
I also still have the wish to implement a conversion routine to port the note-scheme to the pitch envelope of the instrument, but these envelope settings are currently not available in the API plus it would not work on VST plugins and MIDI instruments.