making an OSC step sequencer for duplex

I’d like to try my hand at making a step sequencer for Duplex using TouchOSC. Initially I’d like to use the BeatMachine Touch OSC template and integrate that with Duplex. So my big question is where do I start? What is the best way to start making a Duplex interface and the underlying code behind it. I’ve done some python and other little programming things, and I think this would be a good project. Any tips or points in the right direction? Is there a renoise programming 101 tutorial somewhere that I am not finding? Thanks. Also, not sure if it matters, but I intend to use an android tablet for the OSC interface.

Sure, you can take look at the Duplex TouchOSC templates and bear in mind that the different categories of buttons might have slightly different characteristics. This would be the tricky part of a sequencer design, to actually make good use of the features offered by TouchOSC.

For instance, a button grid might allow you to “drag” your finger over buttons to toggle their state, but not report when a button is held/depressed for a moment. Alternatively, the “momentary” button type will report when the finger is released but now allow the finger-dragging action. This is not a limitation of Duplex, but simply the way TouchOSC works.

So, it’s just as much a question of figuring out the optimal UI in terms of your target controller (in this case, TouchOSC) as it is a question of learning the Renoise API and Duplex.